Ages 4-18

Music – the most universal of languages –speaks to our souls in unique and precious ways. The Music Program at SOTA is dedicated to reflecting these qualities by offering a set of classes that place exploration and discovery above expectation and perfection. We strive to awaken and develop thoughtful musicianship; encouraging students to explore the larger world of music while discovering new ways to create and perceive sound.


Basic music making skills are introduced in a creative and supportive environment. Through singing, the playing of instruments, rhythmic games and improvisational exercises, every student is encouraged to discover their own, musical voice. A age appropriate curriculum serves to build self-confidence and further individual skills while nurturing an appreciation for and awareness of the larger group.


Group Ukulele*

Beginner Group Ukulele (Youth)
Ages 7-12
Wednesdays, 4:15-5:00pm

Ukulele Jam
Ages 5-7
Fridays, 4:15-5:00pm

Lighter and smaller than a guitar, the ukulele is amazing, approachable, and the perfect instrument for anyone wishing to “strum along”. It comes in many different sizes and, with just a few simple fingerings, allows you to accompany almost any song. Exploring different techniques and fingerings while training basic music reading and listening skills in a group setting, builds confidence and supports individual practice at home. Moments for improvisation encourage both musicianship and creativity. Composition and songwriting is included for more advanced students. 


*An Instrument will be provided for at-home practice at no cost.

*To join the Level 2 class, a student must have completed one semester of Beginner Level Ukulele OR be able to play the following song with ease: You Are My Sunshine (click to download music)

Level 2 Group Ukulele (Youth)
Ages 7-12
Wednesdays, 5:15-6:00pm

Discovery Singers
(Group Vocal Technique)

Ages 7-11

Mondays, 5:15-6:15pm

In this course, students will work in a group setting to build early singing and musicianship skills. In an environment that fosters teamwork, students will be introduced to ideas and exercises that support mind and body connection, breath support, mindful listening, vocal improvisation, and more! They’ll also learn and perform fun solo songs, helping discover their individual voice and develop their performance skills in a collaborative way! 


Why Group Voice Lessons? 

Some students prefer learning in a group (social learning), rather than in private lessons. 

Plus, group classes allow students that are new to singing to experience this activity without the expense and commitment to private lessons. 


Teen A Cappella Choir

Ages 13-18

Tuesdays, 7:15-8:45pm

Singing without accompaniment or further instrumentation is an exciting way to discover both your own voice and the creation of a whole. Various styles and cultures, including contemporary pop to musicals, gospels to hip hop, will be explored as we discover and celebrate the unlimited possibilities of our voices. Open to all teens with singing experience. 

Community performances are arranged based on student interest and availability.

Piano Private Lessons - All Levels 

Ages 7+

30-min lessons

Mondays, 4:15-6:15pm

Our piano lessons are structured to accommodate both beginners and those who would like to refresh their skills. Open for both beginners and intermediate players, exercises and music are tailored to each player’s individual ability and interests. After consultation with the teacher, participants are required to purchase a piano method book that will be used for the duration of the class. Any further sheet music will be paid for and provided by the School.