Ages 3-18

Rooted in the belief that dance is for everyone and every body, our dance program provides a variety of ways to discover the joy of moving. Physical, emotional, and social development, individual feedback, and engagement in collaborative dance making are hallmarks of our curriculum. Our program values and draws upon the varied and rich traditions of all dance forms to foster an appreciation and understanding of the universal language of dance.


Skill-building and movement vocabulary are woven into each lesson as students explore the artistry of dance as it relates to the school’s chosen curricular theme of the year. In our dance classes, students are celebrated as movers, performers, choreographers, and as a supportive community of dancers.


Dance Explorers

Ages 5-6 (without a caregiver)

Fridays, 4:00-4:45pm

This class uses a variety of music and dance genres to guide students in developing rhythmic and spatial awareness, coordination, self-confidence, and age-appropriate movement skills such as leaping, galloping, jumping, skipping, etc. This is the perfect introduction to the foundations of dance.

Movers & Makers

Ages 7-9 (open to all levels and abilities)
Wednesdays, 4:15-5:15pm

Ages 10-13 (with prior dance experience)
Thursdays, 6:00-7:00pm

In this class students are nurtured as movers, performers, choreographers, directors, and collaborators in a supportive and inclusive environment. Fundamental dance skills, such as rhythmic and spatial awareness, coordination, and age-appropriate movement skills, are developed through exploration and exercises that draw upon various dance genres and cultures, including jazz, funk, musical theater, modern, and contemporary. Additionally, students will discover what it means to be a choreographer through guided improvisations as they are invited to create their own dance movements and phrases. Solo and group dances will be shared periodically throughout the year with family and friends and other audiences as determined in consultation with the students.

Move On

Ages 16+

Mondays, 6:30-7:30pm

Begins January 24, 2022

To register for this class, contact

using “MOVE ON!” in the Subject Line.

This inclusive dance class for ages 16+ welcomes developmentally disabled and neuro-typical participants in a collaborative atmosphere that celebrates individuality through movement. Participants will experience a fusion of hip hop, contemporary, tap, pop, and jazz dance styles throughout each session. Move On! Is a Dance Alliance outreach program presented in collaboration with the SPAC School of the Arts.

Broadway Song & Dance

Ages 9-12 (Junior)
Wednesdays, 5:30-6:30pm

Students will explore songs and dances from a variety of Broadway shows and hit movie musicals as they develop skills as singers, dancers, and performers. Embracing the collaborative nature of musical theatre, equal focus is placed on supporting both individual growth and ensemble work, making this class the perfect fit for students of all levels and abilities with an interest in music and dance. The relationship between music and movement will be explored, while a brief look into the historic and cultural significance provides a deeper understanding into the musical at hand.

Open to all levels and abilities.

Teen Dance Collective


Ages 13-18

The Dance Collective Project is a performance-based ensemble, that provides teens with the opportunity to grow together as performances, choreographers, and leaders. Dancers will collaboratively engage in the choreographic process to create performance pieces that connect to our local and global community as well as with SPAC’s visiting artists. The class will begin with a contemporary dance warm-up, with a focus on enhancing alignment, strength, and range of motion. Students will then be guided through creative exercises as they explore the art and skill of choreographing. In Winter 2022, students will collaboratively create a dance inspired by the poetry of SPAC’s visiting artist, Richard Blanco. The piece will be performed in SPAC’s Festival of Young Artists. Additional choreographic projects to be announced.

This class is co-taught by Director of Dance, Erin Strong along with special guest teacher,

Erika Pujic.